Alexia Nepola Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Fee And More!

Alexia Nepola, best known from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami (RHOM), has made her mark in fashion media and beauty industries with an estimated net worth of approximately $3 Million. Alexia’s diverse career portfolio highlights both her creativity and entrepreneurial drive.

Early Career in Education

Prior to her entry into reality TV, Alexia held an honorable profession: teaching. With her Master of Exceptional Student Education degree under her arm and having served preschool through fifth-grade students from Miami-Dade County with emotional or learning disabilities as students for several years prior, this period highlighted Alexia’s passion for nurturing and development – two traits which would later follow her into other endeavors.

Transition to Media and Fashion

Alexia transitioned from education to media through her creativity and affinity for fashion. Alexia realized her dream when she founded Venue Magazine with Herman Echevarria as editor-in-chief, turning the publication into an integral platform covering luxury lifestyle, cuisine, and Miami’s vibrant social scene – until Herman died unexpectedly in 2016. With that came an abrupt halt for Alexia as publishing career.

Alexia + Frankie’s Beauty Bar

Alexia continued her innovation despite these challenges by channeling her entrepreneurial spirit into beauty industry innovation. In 2017, she opened Alexia + Frankie’s Beauty Bar in Miami Beach alongside son Frankie Rosello; it quickly became a haven for women seeking expert nail care services and pampering in an attractive setting – reflecting Alexia’s understanding of modern women and commitment to providing spaces dedicated to self-care and relaxation.

The Real Housewives of Miami”

Alexia’s participation on “The Real Housewives of Miami” brought fame and financial success, yet also presented unique challenges. Adopting her popular moniker of Cuban Barbie on television allowed her to share both aspects of her personal and professional lives with a wider audience, garnering many admirers of both resilience and flair in Alexia – turning into both lucrative ventures as well as transformative experiences through which to expand her influence and connect with global viewers.

Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Beyond her business initiatives, Alexia is actively engaged in community service and philanthropy efforts. Her background in education as well as personal experiences have inspired her to support various causes pertaining to children with special needs – especially through raising awareness. Alexia’s public persona serves as an effective vehicle for creating change – adding depth to her celebrity status.

Future Ventures

Alexia Nepola shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. From expanding her beauty business and exploring media opportunities to community service initiatives and civic involvement projects – Alexia remains an industrious presence within Miami’s entrepreneurial scene. From being an educator herself, to transitioning from media personality and business owner – her journey from educator to media personality shows both adaptability and the determination required for overcoming any odds that come her way.


Alexia Nepola’s career trajectory exemplifies her perseverance and adaptability. From classrooms in Miami-Dade, reality TV stardom, beauty industry entrepreneurship challenges and beyond; Alexia has accomplished much navigating this spectrum with grace and perseverance – inspiring many with her story of resilience and reinvention along the way.


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