Blake Griffin Net Worth, Family, Career & More!

Blake Griffin is one of the greatest American professional basketball players ever seen on court and boasts an astronomical net worth estimated at more than $110 Million. Griffin spent most of his professional basketball career with Los Angeles Clippers before switching teams in 2018 when joining Detroit Pistons – where his impressive resume includes six NBA All-Star team appearances, winning NBA Slam Dunk Contest Championship and earning Rookie of the Year honors among many more accolades.

Contracts and Earnings

Griffin has amassed more than $160 million over his stellar NBA career, reaching $32.1 million with the Pistons for 2018. Additionally, his endorsement deals with Kia, Subway, AT&T Vizio and Nike add an estimated annual earnings contribution of $6-10 Million that contributes significantly towards his total annual earnings of $35-40 Million based on combined NBA salary/endorsement earnings.

Early Life and College Basketball

Born and raised in Oklahoma City in 1989, Griffin learned basketball from both his father and brother Taylor. Due to their extraordinary talent, both earned scholarships to study basketball at University of Oklahoma – becoming one of the team’s most celebrated members and earning him recognition with College Player of the Year recognition upon their graduation.

NBA Career and Achievements

Griffin made history when selected first overall by the Los Angeles Clippers as the No.1 pick in 2009. Following an initial setback due to knee pain, he rose quickly through the ranks, earning multiple All-Star selections and garnering widespread acclaim for his skills on the court. Further solidifying his status as an icon, Griffin won both Slam Dunk Contests before going on to become one of NBA history’s great rookies.

Converting to Detroit Pistons

In 2018, Griffin joined the Detroit Pistons where he continued his stellar play despite facing injuries, recording a career-high score of 50 against Philadelphia 76ers before continuing injuries forced him out for good and led to missing most of 2019 season.

Off-Court Ventures and Real Estate

Griffin has ventured outside basketball as well, taking part in acting and production roles such as “Broad City” and “The Female Brain.” Additionally, he co-owns a production company as well as multiple properties worth millions in Los Angeles that he holds true interest for real estate development and acquisitions.

Personal Life and Legal Matters

Griffin had previously been engaged to Brynn Cameron and shares two children together; following their separation in 2014 he remains supportive of his family despite legal troubles associated with misdemeanor battery charge, later dropped due to insufficient evidence.


Blake Griffin has made history through hard work, dedication and determination as one of the premier basketball stars today. His exploits on and off the court have cemented him firmly into one of basketball’s most revered figures today.


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