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The global spirits market is estimated at $645 billion and led by the United States with its top domestic market experiencing significant year-on-year growth, totalling over $26.2 billion (4% increase to that figure) with record exports at an astounding $1.6 billion; projections suggest its market value could soar as far as reaching an amazing $48 billion by 2020.

Dominance of Power Players

Since years ago, industry giants such as Diageo, Bacardi Limited, and LVMH had held dominance of the spirits market with vast portfolios of legacy brands under their control. But Sovereign Brands CEO Brett Berish saw an opportunity to challenge that status quo through Sovereign Brands – seeing an opportunity to bring new competition.

The Creation of Sovereign Brands

Sovereign Brands was established as an international wine and spirits company in 1999 and quickly established an impressive track record over nearly two decades – producing leading global spirits brands across various categories.

Luc Belaire Phenomenon

Berish introduced Luc Belaire, a line of French sparkling wines which quickly earned widespread acclaim and recognition from prominent figures such as Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, among many others. Within five years of launch, Belaire Rose became the top selling French sparkling wine in America.

Celebrating Independence

Responding to her success, Belaire launched the Self-Made Tastes Better campaign recognizing artists who defy convention and achieve success through unconventional means. Through video series featuring Post Malone, Steve Aoki and Nipsey Hussle among others as they shared their journeys toward greatness.

Diversification: Bumbu Experience

Sovereign Brands expanded their portfolio with Bumbu Rum, the most awarded global rum brand. A recent commercial featuring Lil Wayne only solidified this position further within the market.

Ace of Spades: Changing the Game

Prior to Belaire and Bumbu, Sovereign Brands created Armand de Brignac – popularly dubbed as “Ace of Spades.” This exclusive champagne brand gained widespread acclaim and even was famously purchased by Jay Z in 2014.

Berish’s Vision

Sovereign Brands’ founder and visionary Berish has always focused on producing high-quality brands across its multiple segments, using innovative approaches and challenging industry norms as its cornerstone of success in an extremely competitive market.


Sovereign Brands’ journey from challenger brand to market leader stands as evidence of its commitment to quality, innovation, and independence in an ever-evolving spirits industry. Sovereign stands as an exemplar of what can be accomplished when vision meets determination with an attitude to disrupt traditions.


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