Drew Carey Net Worth, Family, Career & More!

Drew Carey has made an immeasurable mark on American entertainment over his 25-year career spanning stand-up comedy, acting and television hosting. Perhaps best known as host of “The Drew Carey Show” on ABC-TV as well as co-host of “The Price Is Right”, Carey has gone from modest beginnings to amass a net worth estimated at more than $165 Million due to hard work and talent alone.

Early Beginnings and Rise to Fame

Drew Carey began life on May 23, 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio; during this period his life was marked by tragedy after losing his father at an early age. Yet, in spite of these obstacles he showed an early interest in comedy and music through participating in his high school marching band and joining Kent State University before eventually enlisting with United States Marine Corps Reserve to gain discipline that has since affected both his professional life and relationships with friends and colleagues alike.

Carey first entered the comedy world in 1985 after winning an open mic contest and becoming regular MC for Cleveland Comedy Club. But his breakout moment came with appearances on “Star Search” and “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, opening up opportunities to expand national reach.

The Drew Carey Show and Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Drew Carey Show and Whose Line Is It Anyway? In 1995, Carey co-created his name-sake sitcom that quickly became an instantaneous hit: the Drew Carey Show (from 1995 – 2004), featuring comedy with relatable characters depicting middle class American life portrayed through relatable metaphors such as family events or jobs at stake – drawing viewers in with its blend of comedy and relatability; it even earned Carey an estimated maximum weekly gross of up to $750,000! At its height in popularity alone!

Carey also built his reputation through hosting “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” from 1998-2006. This show further cemented his standing as a versatile performer capable of handling both scripted comedy roles as well as spontaneous improvisal roles.

Transition to Game Show Host

Drew Carey transitioned from standup comedian to game show host with great aplomb in 2007, after taking over Bob Barker as host on “The Price Is Right.” Carey quickly established a distinct, warm, humorous style on “The Price Is Right”, making an instant impactful mark with viewers new and old alike – winning their hearts at once as part of its daytime lineup! His approachable persona quickly made him one of television’s favorite daytime figures!

Personal and Business Ventures

Beyond television, Carey has demonstrated his keen interest in sports and entrepreneurship through ownership stakes in Seattle Sounders FC – Major League Soccer team which showcases both his love of soccer as well as sports management knowledge.

Carey has had his personal life, marked by public engagements and Amie Harwick’s tragic murder, scrutinized by much of the public eye. Yet even amid these tragedies he continues to engage in charitable and advocacy work, especially related to libraries and educational initiatives.


Drew Carey’s journey from stand-up comedian to respected game show host is testament to a lifetime commitment to entertaining excellence. As his legacy in television and comedy stands testament, Carey stands out as an influential and beloved figure throughout American entertainment, not simply through financial success but because he managed to combine humor with empathy in ways which resonate with audiences across America. His legacy speaks for itself – never losing touch with audiences anywhere across America through personal resilience as much as through financial success alone.


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