Dustin Johnson Wife: Age, Bio, Career, Personal Life And Children

Today we take a closer look at Paulina Gretzky, who is well-known not only for her relationship with Masters champion Dustin Johnson but also for her own career and family legacy.

Early Life and Background

Paulina Mary Jean Gretzky was born on December 19, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. She is the eldest child of Wayne Gretzky, a legendary figure in ice hockey, often called “The Great One,” and his wife Janet Jones, an actress. Growing up in such a prominent family, Paulina was always in the spotlight. Her father’s status as one of the greatest ice hockey players and her mother’s acting career paved the way for her to pursue a path in entertainment.

Career in Entertainment

From a young age, Paulina was interested in both music and acting. She performed at various events, showing her talents early on. In 2003, she sang at the prestigious Heritage Classic, an outdoor NHL game featuring her father’s former team, the Edmonton Oilers. Paulina also tried her hand at acting, appearing in films like “Grown Ups 2.” However, her focus shifted more towards her personal life and family as she grew older.

Relationship with Dustin Johnson

Paulina met Dustin Johnson, a professional golfer, in 2009. Their relationship started while Dustin was just establishing himself in the golf world. They got engaged in 2013 after Dustin proposed within seven months of their dating. The couple has two sons, Tatum and River, who were born before they finally tied the knot.

The Wedding

Their wedding took place in April 2022, in a grand ceremony at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee, a luxurious hotel and resort. The event was filled with celebrity guests and was a significant affair covered by many media outlets.

Dustin Johnson’s Career

Dustin Johnson, Paulina’s husband, is a prominent figure in golf. He has won several major tournaments, including the Masters Tournament in 2020. His successful career has been a source of interest for sports fans, especially considering his dynamic play style and calm demeanor on the golf course.

Paulina’s Identity and Influence

Paulina herself, despite the fame of her husband and father, has carved out her own identity. She has a strong presence on social media, where she shares aspects of her lifestyle, including fashion and family moments. Her Instagram account, with millions of followers, features her life’s highlights and showcases her influence in the world of celebrity culture.

In addition to her social media influence, Paulina has been involved in fashion. She often appears in glamorous outfits at public events and has been noted for her style during major golf tournaments supporting Dustin. This has made her a fashion icon for many young women who look up to her not only as the wife of a famous golfer but also as a style influencer.

Personal Life

Despite her life in the public eye, Paulina values her privacy and focuses on raising her children and supporting her husband’s career. The couple’s relationship has been depicted as strong and supportive, with Paulina often seen cheering for Dustin at his tournaments.

In summary, Paulina Gretzky is a figure of multifaceted talent and fame. Born into a family of sports and entertainment legends, she has managed to maintain her own identity through her personal interests and public influence. As the wife of Dustin Johnson, she plays a significant role in the golf community, not just as a supportive partner but also as an individual with her own fan following and influence.


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