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Erivan Karl Matthias Haub was an iconic leader of Germany’s retail industry and one of the nation’s most important retail giants under his visionary guidance. Under Haub’s watchful guidance, Tengelmann Group expanded globally while diversifying their product offering, making Tengelmann one of the country’s premier retail organizations.

Ascending to Leadership Success.

Erivan Haub began his path towards retail management excellence by studying economics at the University of Hamburg. From there, his early career included practical internship experiences at iconic US firms like Jewel Tea Company of Chicago and Alpha-Beta Company of La Habra in California; these formative experiences broadened his understanding of retail landscape while equipping him for challenges that lay ahead.

Haub first joined his family business as part of a pivotal moment that set in motion his subsequent accomplishments. Following the passing of his uncle in 1969, Haub took charge as managing director, serving in this capacity until retiring in 2000 with great distinction.

Strategic Expansion and Acquisition Planning Process.

Erivan Haub led Tengelmann Group through unprecedented expansion through strategic acquisitions and innovation. One of his notable successes included purchasing The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company in 1979 – this move significantly broadened Tengelmann’s international market presence – as well as overseeing Plus discount grocery retailer expansion plans which further cemented Tengelmann Group dominance within retail.

Commitment to Philanthropy

Erivan Haub made an indelible mark beyond the boardroom through significant philanthropic endeavors, alongside Helga Otto Haub, his wife. They donated generously to many cultural and educational institutions – their contributions leading to the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University as a testament to their desire for nurturing future business leaders.

Philanthropic support from Haub was evident through their artistic patronage. Notable contributions included those to Tacoma Art Museum which not only added depth and diversity to Tacoma’s cultural scene in Washington during his 1960s residency but also served to highlight Haub’s deep appreciation of arts. Furthermore, Helga Otto Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources at University of Wyoming is another testament of their legacy by showing their devotion towards environmental conservation education.

Family and Personal Life Issues.

Erivan Haub centered his personal life around family. Since 1958 when he married Helga Otto, Erivan Haub had been the dedicated husband and father to Karl-Erivan Haub (married 1958), Georg Haub, and Christian W.E. Haub; later all would become key roles within Tengelmann Group as business and philanthropic efforts continued with each successive son taking an integral part.

A Collector and Patron of the Arts

Haub was widely revered for both his business acumen and passion for art collecting. His extensive collection included various significant works that he shared with museums and galleries through donations or support; an aspect that demonstrated Haub’s belief in arts as an essential aspect of community life and personal enrichment.

Commemorating Retail Giants

Erivan Haub passed away peacefully on March 6, 2018 leaving behind an astounding legacy encompassing business innovation, philanthropy and art patronage. His contributions to retail industry innovation as well as his charitable giving efforts left an indelible imprint on society; evidenced by Tengelmann Group’s strategic direction as well as educational and cultural institutions bearing both their names today. Erivan’s life story stands as an exemplar for future generations committed to social responsibility while finding success through business entrepreneurship.


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