Greg Cipes Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Acting Career, Success And More!

Greg Cipes is an award-winning American talent known for acting, music and surfing – three fields which span his multifaceted career path. Since being born in Coral Springs Florida on January 1980 – Cipes has shown not only his wide array of abilities but also how adeptly he engages and entertains audiences through various platforms.

Early Life and Surfing Success

Cipes began his rise into fame on beaches around Los Angeles where he excelled as a surfer. By 1998, his surfing prowess earned national recognition as he reached #1 Junior Professional Surfer status in America – creating the foundation for an easy transition into entertainment industry work.

Acting Career Beginnings

Greg Cipes began his acting career in 2003 by appearing as Will Johnston on the television series Peacemakers. This marked an amazing 66 year career spanning nearly 100 credits as both live action and voice acting work followed. These early experiences set the groundwork for what has since been one of Greg’s favorite aspects of being an actor: live performance!

Transition to Voice Acting

Cipes found his true calling when it came to voice acting. With his distinctive and engaging delivery style, his talents earned him favor among casting directors of animated series such as Teen Titans Go! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for which his notable roles can be heard today.

Notable Voice Acting Contributions

As Michaelangelo in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, from 2012 to 2017, Cipes brought life one of the beloved characters through an energetic and engaging performance, earning wide acclaim. Since 2013 on, his role on Teen Titans Go! has established him with new generations of fans as an icon voice actor.

Awards and Recognition

Cipes’ talent and contributions to voice acting have not gone unrecognized; he was honored with three Behind the Voice Actors Awards to commemorate his talent and ability in giving animated characters life through voice acting.

Musical Endeavors

Greg Cipes has also discovered his musical side. A singer, musician and composer with surf roots who also enjoys writing original compositions; Greg’s songs reveal much about himself through its lyrics as they reflect both life experiences as well as personality traits which add an additional facet of artistic persona.

Real Estate Investments

In 2007, Cipes made his real estate mark when he invested $700,000. Ten years later he listed this home for sale at an impressive $1.7 million price, possibly capitalizing on its appreciation over time and showing both entertainment and investment acumen at work in his move.

Philanthropy and Personal Life

Philanthropy and Personal Life While Cipes primarily devotes his professional efforts, his life also encompasses volunteer efforts related to environmental conservation and mental health awareness; an indication of his personal interests and values.


Greg Cipes’ journey from champion surfer to esteemed voice actor and musician is testament to his numerous skills, charisma and lasting appeal. With an estimated net worth of $3 Million as of 2023, his career continues its upward momentum thanks to notable accomplishments across various fields he’s ventured into – not least as an iconic voice actor he continues voicing beloved characters such as Yoda or creating music! Greg remains an influential force within entertainment today adored by audiences of multiple generations alike.


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