How To Catch A Ditto In Pokemon Go? Get More Info

Pokémon GO continues to captivate players around the globe with its diverse challenges and the thrill of catching rare Pokémon. Among these elusive creatures is Ditto, a unique Pokémon known for its ability to mimic others. Capturing Ditto involves strategy, patience, and a bit of luck. Here’s an in-depth guide to help trainers increase their chances of adding Ditto to their collection.

Understanding Ditto’s Unique Mechanism

Ditto is notorious for its disguise; it does not appear in its true form in the wild. Instead, Ditto assumes the appearance of other Pokémon, revealing its true identity only upon capture. This characteristic makes finding Ditto a unique challenge in Pokémon GO.

Updated Ditto Disguises and Capture Strategies

Recognizing Potential Disguises

To catch a Ditto, trainers must first understand which Pokémon Ditto is currently mimicking. These disguises change periodically, often influenced by in-game events or updates from Niantic. For instance, during specific events like April Fools’, Pokémon such as Ekans, Gastly, and Natu have been noted to serve as Ditto disguises. Regular updates from the player community and resources like The Silph Road can offer insights into the most recent disguises.

Techniques for Increasing Ditto Encounter Rates

While catching every Pokémon you encounter increases your odds, some targeted strategies can make your hunt more efficient:

  1. Utilize Lures and Incense: Both lures and incense attract more Pokémon to your location, which can include potential Ditto disguises. This method is particularly effective if you’re stationary for an extended period.
  2. Pay Attention to Nearby Radar: Keeping an eye on your in-game radar can help identify clusters of potential Ditto disguises. Since Ditto mimics only certain Pokémon, spotting these specific types more frequently could indicate the presence of Ditto.
  3. Community Coordination: Engaging with local Pokémon GO communities can be beneficial. If a Ditto is spotted in a particular location by another player, it will appear as Ditto for everyone else. Prompt communication in community groups can lead you directly to a Ditto.
  4. Maximizing XP During Hunts: While searching extensively for Ditto, use items like Lucky Eggs to double your experience points, optimizing both your time and effort during prolonged hunting sessions.

The Role of Ditto in Battles and Gym Encounters

Once captured, Ditto’s role in battles is as unique as its catching process. In gym battles, Ditto transforms into the first opponent it faces, adopting the opponent’s moves and stats but maintaining its own health points (HP). This transformation allows Ditto to temporarily acquire the strengths of various Pokémon types, though it also inherits any corresponding weaknesses.

Strategic Uses of Ditto

In trainer battles, Ditto copies the opponent’s first Pokémon’s exact moves, attack, and defense stats. This ability can turn the tide of battle unexpectedly, especially if Ditto transforms into a Pokémon with a significant type advantage. However, trainers should note that Ditto’s HP does not change, often making it a less durable choice in prolonged fights.

Additional Tips for Ditto Enthusiasts

While Ditto’s primary allure is its rarity and the challenge of catching it, understanding its broader uses and characteristics enhances the overall gameplay experience:

  • Ditto Cannot Be Hatched: It’s important for trainers to know that Ditto cannot be obtained from eggs, so focusing efforts on catching in the wild is necessary.
  • Candy and Stardust: Like other Pokémon, Ditto requires candy and stardust for power-ups. Trainers can accumulate Ditto candy by setting Ditto as a buddy, which earns candy every three kilometers walked.
  • Special Research Tasks: Occasionally, Ditto appears as a requirement in Special Research tasks. Keeping a Ditto handy can preemptively fulfill such task requirements, saving time and effort later.


Catching Ditto in Pokémon GO demands more than just random luck; it requires strategic planning and active participation in the gaming community. By staying informed about potential disguises and employing targeted strategies for encounters, trainers can increase their chances of capturing this elusive Pokémon. Whether used for completing a collection or leveraging its unique abilities in battle, Ditto remains one of the most intriguing challenges in Pokémon GO.


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