How To Download Youtube Videos On Iphone? Get More Info

In today’s digital age, streaming videos on YouTube has become a daily activity for millions of users worldwide. However, situations often arise where you might not have access to a stable internet connection, or you might want to save on your mobile data plan. In these cases, downloading YouTube videos to your iPhone for offline viewing becomes a highly valuable option. This guide explores the legal frameworks, official methods provided by YouTube, and alternative ways to download YouTube videos directly to your iPhone.

Understanding the Legality of Downloading YouTube Videos

Before diving into the methods of downloading YouTube videos, it’s important to understand the legal aspects. Downloading videos directly via YouTube’s own features, such as through a YouTube Premium subscription, is perfectly legal and within the terms of service provided by the platform. This method ensures that creators are compensated through your subscription while you enjoy their content offline.

However, downloading YouTube videos through third-party applications or services is against YouTube’s terms of service. Such actions can lead to repercussions, especially if the downloaded content is redistributed online. Therefore, it is advisable to use these methods only for personal use and to proceed with caution.

Official Method: YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is the most straightforward and secure method to download and enjoy videos offline. Here’s how you can use this service:

Steps to Download Videos with YouTube Premium:

  1. Subscribe to YouTube Premium: For $13.99 per month, this subscription not only allows you to download videos but also offers an ad-free experience and access to YouTube Music.
  2. Navigate to Your Desired Video: Open the YouTube app on your iPhone and go to the video you wish to download.
  3. Download the Video: Tap on the “Download” button located below the video player. Once downloaded, the video will be accessible from the ‘Downloads’ section within the app.

This method not only supports the creators but also provides a high-quality viewing experience with up to 1080p resolution downloads.

Alternative Method: Using Shortcuts

For users without a YouTube Premium subscription, Apple’s Shortcuts app provides a potential alternative for downloading videos, albeit with some caveats concerning reliability and longevity.

How to Use Shortcuts to Download YouTube Videos:

  1. Install a Reliable Shortcut: One of the currently working shortcuts for downloading YouTube videos is Sur. This can be added to your Shortcuts app.
  2. Set Up the Shortcut: After installation, run the shortcut and follow the prompts to allow necessary permissions.
  3. Download a Video: Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download, then run the Sur shortcut and paste the URL when prompted. Follow the instructions to download the video to your desired location on your iPhone.

While this method can be effective, it’s important to note that these shortcuts are often subject to breaking due to YouTube’s changes in policy or API. They also require periodic updates or replacements as they become obsolete.

Using YouTube Downloader Sites with Caution

Another method involves using online YouTube downloader sites through Safari on your iPhone. This method should be used with caution due to potential security risks and spammy ads.

Steps to Use YouTube Downloader Sites:

  1. Navigate to a Reputable Downloader Site: Open Safari and go to a well-known YouTube downloader website.
  2. Enter the Video URL: Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download into the site’s download field.
  3. Download the Video: Follow the site’s instructions to initiate the download process directly to your iPhone.


While there are multiple ways to download YouTube videos to your iPhone, each comes with its own set of advantages and limitations. YouTube Premium remains the safest and most ethical option, supporting content creators while providing an excellent offline viewing experience. Alternative methods, such as using shortcuts or downloader sites, offer flexibility but require cautious use due to potential risks and legal issues. Always ensure that your methods of downloading YouTube videos comply with legal standards and YouTube’s terms of service.


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