How To Get Into Gerudo Town? Read More Information

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” offers a rich tapestry of environments and challenges, and one of the most intriguing places you’ll encounter is Gerudo Town. Situated in the expansive world of Hyrule, this desert settlement is not only unique because of its inhabitants and culture but also due to the unique challenge it poses just to enter. This guide will detail the steps to gain access to Gerudo Town and discover its hidden locales, such as the Gerudo Secret Club.

Entering Gerudo Town

Gerudo Town operates under a strict policy: no men allowed. This presents a unique challenge for players controlling the male protagonist, Link. To gain entry, players must cleverly disguise themselves, navigating through social norms and expectations of the Gerudo people.

Step 1: Acquiring the Disguise

The adventure begins with the “Forbidden City Entry” quest. Link must first locate an NPC named Benja who lingers outside the town’s imposing walls. Benja informs Link of a man who has successfully sneaked into Gerudo Town. This mysterious figure is the key to entering the town undetected.

Step 2: Finding the Right Clothes

Following the clues given by Benja, players must travel northeast to the Kara Kara Bazaar. This desert marketplace serves as a pivotal point in this quest. At the bazaar’s inn, players should find a ladder leading to the roof, where a man disguised in traditional Gerudo attire can be found. He sells a set of Gerudo clothes for 600 Rupees, which includes a Gerudo Veil, Top, and Sirwal.

Step 3: The Final Touch

After purchasing and donning the disguise, Link can return to Gerudo Town. Dressed as a ‘vai’ (a term used in the game for women), he can now slip past the guards who vigilantly patrol the entrance.

Discovering the Gerudo Secret Club

Within the confines of Gerudo Town, hidden from the untrained eye, lies the Gerudo Secret Club. This exclusive venue offers rare items not found elsewhere, but entering it requires wit and attentiveness to the town’s gossip.

Finding the Club

The Gerudo Secret Club is tucked away near a shop called Fashion Passion. Its entrance is unmarked, betraying its exclusivity and secretive nature.

Unlocking the Secret

To gain access, players must first trigger the side quest “The Secret Club’s Secret.” Attempting to enter without knowledge of the password will prompt this quest, leading players to their next clue.

Eavesdropping for Information

The password can be overheard at The Noble Canteen, where a group of women can be found discussing it. Link must approach them and then strategically leave to eavesdrop on their conversation from a nearby location. This technique reveals the password: G, S, C, Diamond.

Entering the Club

With the password in hand, players can return to the Gerudo Secret Club. Upon providing the correct password to the manager, access is granted. Inside, valuable armor sets such as the Desert Voe Set and the Radiant Set are available for purchase, each set costing 2400 Rupees.

Conclusion: The Thrills of Discovery in Hyrule

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is celebrated for its open-world design and the freedom it offers players. Gerudo Town exemplifies these principles by challenging players to think creatively and interact deeply with the game’s lore and characters. Successfully navigating the social intricacies of Gerudo Town and uncovering the secrets of the Gerudo Secret Club are not just testaments to player skill but also pivotal moments that enrich the overall adventure in Hyrule.


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