How To Play CS2? Get More Info

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), the latest iteration of the iconic first-person shooter series, has launched, bringing with it a host of upgrades and new features that are exciting both longtime fans and newcomers. With enhanced visuals, new maps, a revamped ratings system, and more, CS2 is set to redefine the competitive gaming landscape. This guide will walk you through how to install the game on Windows or Linux, detail the benefits of Prime status, and explain how your CS:GO skins will carry over.

Installing Counter-Strike 2

Whether you’re a veteran of CS:GO or a fresh recruit eager to dive into the action, setting up CS2 is straightforward. Here’s how you can get started:

For Former CS:GO Players

If you have previously played CS:GO, Counter-Strike 2 will be available as a free update within your Steam library. To upgrade:

  1. Open Steam: Launch the Steam client on your Windows or Linux machine.
  2. Navigate to Library: Find CS:GO in your list of games.
  3. Install the Update: Click on the CS2 update prompt in your CS:GO game page. The update will automatically replace CS:GO with CS2 in your library.
  4. Launch CS2: Once the installation is complete, you can start the game directly from Steam.

For New Players

If you are new to the Counter-Strike series, you’ll need to download the game from Steam:

  1. Create a Steam Account: If you don’t already have one, sign up for a free account on Steam.
  2. Download Steam Client: Install the Steam client on your Windows or Linux computer.
  3. Search for Counter-Strike 2: Use the search bar to find CS2 on the Steam store.
  4. Download the Game: As CS2 is free to play, you can click “Play Game” to add it to your library and begin the download.
  5. Ensure Sufficient Space: Check that you have adequate disk space for the game, as insufficient space could interrupt your download.

Note: Counter-Strike 2 is not available on macOS, and there are no plans to release it on this platform in the future.

Advantages of Prime Status in CS2

Prime Status offers several benefits that enhance the gaming experience in CS2. Players who had Prime Status in CS:GO will automatically retain it in CS2 without needing to purchase it again. Here’s why Prime Status is advantageous:

  • Reduced Cheating Risk: Prime Status matches you with other Prime players, which significantly lowers the chances of encountering cheaters.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Prime players are eligible for exclusive item drops, giving you access to unique skins and other in-game items.
  • Ranking Opportunities: With Prime, you can participate in ranked matches, allowing you to compete against players at similar skill levels and climb the competitive ladder.

Compatibility of CS:GO Skins in CS2

A significant concern for many players upgrading to CS2 is whether their cherished CS:GO skins, stickers, and other items will transfer over. Valve has confirmed that all existing items from CS:GO will be retained in CS2, including:

  • Skins: All your skins will carry over and may even feature enhanced details due to CS2’s improved graphics and lighting effects.
  • Stickers and Gloves: These will also transfer seamlessly and can be applied or removed just as they were in CS:GO.
  • Trade-Up Contracts: Continue to use trade-up contracts to exchange lower tier skins for more desirable ones.
  • Case Opening: The thrill of opening cases continues in CS2, allowing players to add to their collection of skins and items.


Counter-Strike 2 ushers in a new era for one of the most beloved competitive shooters in the world. By following the steps outlined above, you can quickly set up CS2 and begin exploring all the new features and content it has to offer. Whether you’re engaging in the enhanced tactical gameplay, climbing the ranks, or simply admiring the updated visuals of your favorite skins, CS2 promises a comprehensive and thrilling gaming experience. Get ready to strategize, compete, and dominate in the newest chapter of Counter-Strike history.


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