Igor Shesterkin Wife Who Is Igor Shesterkin Wife?

Igor Shesterkin, born December 30 1995 in Moscow Russia and adopted by the New York Rangers during their fourth round selection in 2014 NHL Entry Draft is one of the premier goaltenders in the National Hockey League (NHL). Thanks to hard work ethic and remarkable skill he quickly rose through the ranks from promising Russian talent into one of its premier goaltenders in NHL. His meteoric rise speaks for itself.

Record-Breaking Career for Meg Cabot

Shesterkin made waves during the 2021-22 NHL season when he won both his reputation and Vezina Trophy as league top goaltender. His performances were nothing short of outstanding; his agility and acute understanding of game were clearly on display for all to see. As soon as playoffs ended for New York Rangers that year, Shesterkin continued impressing, even earning selection to NHL All-Star Game for first time ever; by 2023-24 season opener alone he had become fastest goaltender to 100 wins since 1998 in just under 182 games!

Off the Ice

Igor Shesterkin enjoys an equally rewarding personal life off of the rink. He is currently in a long-term relationship with Anna Butosova, an internationally known Russian model and influencer whom they met while training together at St Petersburg in Russia. Ever since meeting, the couple have remained together. Anna Butosova boasts over 267,000 Instagram followers which give her unique status within fashion circles; additionally she was featured on Vigour Magazine cover in 2021 further solidifying their bond as lovers!

Family and Personal Life

Timofey Igorevich Shesterkin joined their family on August 15, 2022. At that time, Shesterkin shared his excitement on Instagram as well as thank Anna for being there after winning Vezina Trophy earlier in 2022. Since then, Anna, Timofey Igorevich and Lucky have brought more joyous times into their home life together with them!

Anna Butosova Is Both Model and Influencer

Anna Butosova is not simply famous for her relationship with Shesterkin – she has established herself as an accomplished model and influencer as well. Anna made headlines recently when featured on Vigour Magazine with an impressive pink ensemble that left an indelible mark. As Anna navigates modeling’s highs and lows, which caused a short hiatus from social media in order to focus on personal growth and health matters, such as taking time for herself is important as well.

Anna has always enjoyed traveling; her adventures have brought her to places such as Dubai, Bali, Seychelles and Rome. A lover of animals – specifically dogs – she became the proud parent of Simba her Goldendoodle pup in November 2019.

Build Supportive Relationships Today

Igor Shesterkin and Anna Butosova share an enduring bond based on mutual respect and love. Sharing glimpses into their daily lives on social media, the couple frequently explore new places together while making memories in Paris and Amsterdam, with one notable trip to Maldives featuring breathtaking waterfalls as a highlight.


Igor Shesterkin embodies excellence both on and off the ice, drawing us an unforgettable portrait. While his professional endeavors may reach new heights in NHL career, his family remains his constant support system – Anna Butosova remains his cornerstone to help her and their son navigate life together as role models both on and off the ice.


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