Jackie Robinson How Did He Died?

Major League Baseball celebrates Jackie Robinson Day each April 15 to commemorate and remember the man responsible for breaking down baseball’s color barrier and opening doors for generations of players to follow him. Starting in 2009, every MLB player dons Robinson’s iconic No. 42 jersey as part of this annual tradition; Jackie Robinson Day serves as an opportunity for reflection, education and community involvement as we commemorate Robinson’s outstanding impact both within baseball and society at large.

Remembering Jackie Robinson’s Legacy

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson made history when he took his place on the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers as MLB’s modern era officially began. His courageous, talented performance helped change attitudes regarding race at that time while inspiring millions worldwide through civil rights activism and inspiring the civil rights movement itself.

Commemorate Jackie Robinson Day

On Jackie Robinson Day, MLB will commemorate his legacy through special tributes and events. A video called “Pasadena Fields” will play across scoreboards across the country to recognize Robinson’s life and legacy, and MLB is teaming up with Foster Love for an event at Jackie Robinson Museum to distribute superhero gift boxes filled with treats to foster care children in New York.

Supporting Youth and Education

One key focus of Jackie Robinson Day is MLB’s dedication to positively impacting children’s lives through The Jackie Robinson Foundation, established by Rachel, his wife. Through this program, college scholarships are awarded to underrepresented community students enrolled at college campuses around the country. MLB and its clubs have contributed over $20 Million towards supporting internship and job opportunities for young people through this foundation.

Promoting Baseball among Young People

Baseball development is also at the core of Jackie Robinson Day. MLB and USA Baseball host the 2024 Trailblazer Series to provide playing and educational opportunities to girls aged 13 or younger who are interested in baseball at Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, FL, including an appearance by Sonya Pankey – Jackie and Rachel’s granddaughter who will deliver an inspiring speech about Jackie’s legacy and impactful legacy to her audience.

Engaging and Supporting Community

Beyond MLB, other partners also strive to honor Jackie Robinson’s legacy. Capital One has donated over $1 Million to the Jackie Robinson Foundation; an additional $1,000 donation will be made after each “Capital One Walk-Off” play occurs this season in MLB. Likewise, MLB: The Show video game franchise will offer an official “Jackie Robinson Foundation Pack”.

A Lasting Impact

As MLB embarks upon its 18-city MLB ID Tour to discover talented athletes from underserved communities, Jackie Robinson remains a living legacy. His impactful legacy remains strong – reminding us all about courage, perseverance and breaking barriers!


Jackie Robinson Day is an occasion for celebrating his life and legacy as one of baseball’s pioneers. Through tributes, community engagement events, youth education support initiatives and donations made in Robinson’s name by MLB players wearing his iconic No. 42 jersey; MLB remembers and perpetuates Robinson’s spirit of courage, dignity and inspiration with future generations of athletes wearing it on game days.


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