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Joaquin Domagoso, an actor known for his honest approach to both his personal and professional lives, recently shared insightful perspectives on marriage and fatherhood with Boy Abunda during a candid conversation on “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.” Specifically, Domagoso discussed his partnership with Raffa Castro as well as their thoughtful marriage approach despite sharing one child together.

Early Influences and Family Advice for Students

Joaquin credits Dynee with much of his adult outlook; it was she who first advised he and Castro not to rush into marriage simply due to being parents; this advice set a cornerstone in how they view their relationship, emphasizing mutual consent over social expectations.

Marriage Is an Entangled Contract

Joaquin noted in an interview that being parents does not automatically lead to marriage; for that to occur, both partners must first fall deeply in love not just with each other but with marriage itself, along with its idea and obligations. “To get there you really must fall in love… so no forcing,” as Joaquin put it, emphasizing the need for deeper connections before taking such significant steps forward.

Family Vision Statement for 2017-2018.

Though Domagoso takes an unorthodox approach to marriage, his goals for his family remain crystal-clear. Viewing himself closely tied with those of his partner and child, his life remains centralized around family as it remains part of his future plans and goals. Taking an aggressive stance toward planning his marriage rather than diving headfirst shows maturity beyond his years.

Balancing Career and Fatherhood

Young actor Julian Castro expressed his concerns that Castro’s unexpected pregnancy might hinder his show business career; these concerns were eased thanks to overwhelming support from fans and his family members; particularly former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno himself who helped balance both roles effectively as fatherhood demands on an actor in show business career and parenthood roles; this highlighted an authentic struggle that many young parents in show business face daily.

Political Insights and Personal Growth

Joaquin also found himself immersed in politics due to his father’s political career. Reflecting back on the 2022 elections where his father ran for president and discrediting comments were made about fellow celebrities running alongside his dad, Joaquin recognized this experience taught him respecting differing viewpoints; an experience which undoubtedly informed his wider worldview.

Future Aspirations

Future Goals When discussing his possible entry into politics, Joaquin adopted an uncommitted position. Initially he expressed an intent to increase his understanding of politics before making any definitive choices regarding entering this field – an approach indicative of both personal and career decisions taken carefully and methodically by him.


Joaquin Domagoso’s reflections shared with Boy Abunda reveal an individual who is adeptly managing both modern life and celebrity with poise and care. His relationship with Raffa Castro and their son Scott Angelo as well as insights into marriage, parenthood and career all reveal someone who values deep commitments both personal and professional – something Joaquin Domagoso represents with great maturity in both realms. As his career grows further so does Joaquin’s life beyond public figures such as himself representing an example for others looking at public figures who exhibit such thoughtful behavior with great success.


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