Kevin Durant Wife Is Kevin Durant Still Married?

Kevin Durant, commonly known by his initials KD, is not just a celebrated figure in American basketball; he is one of the sport’s most influential and successful athletes. Born on September 29, 1988, Durant’s basketball journey began at Texas Tech University, where his outstanding performance as a freshman earned him the prestigious Naismith College Player of the Year award. This accolade marked him as a promising one-and-done prospect, leading to his selection as the second overall pick by the Seattle SuperSonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) in the 2007 NBA Draft.

Durant’s NBA career flourished from the start. After receiving the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, he went on to achieve remarkable success, including four NBA scoring championships and an NBA Most Valuable Player Award. His tenure with the Golden State Warriors starting in 2016 further highlighted his skills, where he won two NBA championships and earned two NBA Finals MVP Awards.

Beyond his NBA accomplishments, Durant has also shone internationally, securing three Olympic gold medals. His career is adorned with ten All-NBA team selections and thirteen NBA All-Star team appearances, underlining his status as one of the game’s elite players.

Personal Life and Relationships

Kevin Durant’s personal life – particularly his romantic relationships – have attracted public interest, garnering national and global headlines. One notable figure in Kevin’s life has been Cassandra Anderson, an agent from California known for playing volleyball at University of Florida before beginning her real estate career with Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Group and then Pleasanton in 2017. Anderson made headlines herself for their courtship; their romance would eventually end.

Durant and Anderson first made headlines as an item in 2017, drawing widespread media interest as she attended his games and appeared on his social media. Following Durant’s departure from the Golden State Warriors, speculations surfaced suggesting they may have parted ways; further fuelled by changes to both individuals’ social media profiles prompting questions as to the true state of their relationship.

Recent Speculation and Media Appearances for an update.

Lana Rhoades’ revelation on “3 Ladies 1 Kitchen,” further heightening public curiosity over Durant’s private affairs, increased that intrigue further. Rhoades once mentioned going out with an unknown Brooklyn Nets player believed to be Durant. Her revelation has since increased public speculation regarding Durant.

Durant has maintained an unusually private life regarding his relationships, especially after his engagement to Monica Wright ended. Durant may be adapting his behaviour due to past experience or public scrutiny brought upon by fame.

Philanthropy and Business Ventures

Kevin Durant has become widely-renowned for both his athletic feats and high-profile personal life; but also for his charitable acts and business acumen. Investing in various ventures such as tech firms and entertainment projects shows Kevin’s interest in using his success to generate long-term financial security and impactful change.

Durant has undertaken significant philanthropic initiatives in his home community of Houston through donations to schools and community programs geared toward providing opportunities to the next generation. He prefers hands-on philanthropy that will have lasting beneficial outcomes such as educational programs or social projects that promise life-changing results.


Kevin Durant’s journey from promising college athlete to NBA superstar is one that spans talent, ambition and personal growth. While his professional achievements are already among basketball’s all-time greats, much remains uncertain in regards to his private life and legacy on and off the court – something sure to be discussed for years after Durant has made an impressionful legacy that transcends basketball itself.


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