Kirk Cousins Net Worth How Rich Is Kirk Cousins?

Kirk Cousins is an elite quarterback currently playing for the Atlanta Falcons who has quickly made an impressionful mark in National Football League through his exceptional skills and strategic play. Now with a net worth estimated to surpass $120 Million and career earnings projected to go beyond $410 Million upon expiry of current contract, Cousins’ journey from college athlete to pro football superstar has been nothing but inspiring and talent filled.

From Early Beginnings to Collegiate Success

Kirk Cousins was born August 19 1988 in Barrington, Illinois to a loving family environment that nurtured his athletic talents from an early age. As an outstanding student at Holland Christian High School in Michigan – excelling at football, baseball and basketball before receiving a football scholarship at Michigan State University (where he redshirted as freshman in 2007) for outstanding play on the football field – his prowess became apparent early. He displayed these abilities first during football practice at Holland Christian HS that included football games against Michigan rival Holland Christian High.

Cousins made strides during his tenure at Michigan State, becoming its starting quarterback by 2009. Under his direction, Michigan State won its inaugural Big Ten Conference championship and his ability to perform under pressure was highlighted with victories at both Outback Bowls against Georgia Bulldogs as a senior year triumph.

NFL Career and Achievements

Kirk Cousins was selected by the Washington Redskins in the fourth round of 2012 NFL Draft and initially began as a backup, however soon his talent emerged and soon enough was promoted as starter. 2015 brought Cousins’ breakthrough performance as Redskins led them to win their division title; thus cementing his status and creating an opportunity for his professional future.

In 2018, Kirk Cousins signed a record-setting fully guaranteed $84 Million contract with the Minnesota Vikings – reflecting his high regard as one of their quarterbacks. While with Minnesota, Cousins achieved numerous achievements such as multiple 4,000 yard passing yard seasons and Pro Bowl selections that underscored his value as one of their leading passers.

Atlanta Falcons Start New Chapter with Atlanta

Cousins marked an exciting new chapter of his career by signing a $180 Million deal with Atlanta Falcons. Not only will his skill and marketability be highlighted with this contract but it will be key in shaping their strategy moving forward; with leadership expected to add new energy for postseason success.

Off the Field: Personal Life and Philanthropy

Kirk Cousins has long been recognized for his philanthropy efforts and strong family values off of the field, marrying Julie Hampton in 2014 to form a loving marriage with two sons that remains intact today. Faith plays an integral part in his life both on and off of the field.

Cousins is also active in community service and charitable endeavors, frequently hosting events to benefit underprivileged children while lending his platform as a professional athlete to various causes he cares for.

Legacy and Future Prospects of [USG&Co].

As Cousins embarks upon his second season with the Atlanta Falcons, his legacy as an expert quarterback who can alter the outcome of games is already cemented in place. And with an extended contract running well into his 30s, future opportunities await Cousins not only to expand upon his statistical records but also lead his new team forward with success.


Kirk Cousins’ career can best be summarized as one of remarkable athletic ability, strategic insight and admirable off-field personality. Now embarking upon his next chapter with Atlanta Falcons fans and sports analysts alike will eagerly anticipate another record breaking performance by one of NFL’s greatest quarterbacks – Kirk Cousins!


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