Kirk Cousins Wife, Personal Life, Family, Career & More

Julie Hampton Cousins may be best-known as the wife of NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins, yet her story spans much deeper horizons. Born in Alpharetta, Georgia and growing up as part of a Southern family in her youth, Julie has transformed herself from southern roots into one who displays compassion through roles such as mother, animal lover, charity runner and entrepreneur.

How Did Julie Meet Her Future Husband?

Julie Hampton met Kirk Cousins through mutual family connections in 2012, which quickly evolved into romance that ultimately resulted in his memorable proposal on the balcony of Speaker of the House Bill Huizenga’s office at Capitol building facilitated by Kirk through Michigan Congressman Bill Huizenga’s connections. Their engagement, filled with romance and surprise elements led them down their respective pathways for marriage in 2014.

What Are Julie’s Academic and Professional Backgrounds?

Julie attended the University of Georgia, In Athens, not too far from her hometown in Columbia County, Georgia, setting in motion an enduring focus on education and self-improvement that remains central in her life today. Although details about Julie’s professional endeavors remain less publicized than previously believed, her role managing family affairs and charitable endeavors indicates her current preference of prioritizing family over personal career pursuits in recent years.

How Has Motherhood Impacted Julie’s Life?

Motherhood has always been at the core of Julie’s life; her and Kirk welcomed two sons – Cooper and Turner, born 2017 and 2019 respectively, were joyfully celebrated upon birth. Julie often shares glimpses of motherhood on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook Live to highlight both joys and responsibilities associated with raising children who will eventually learn of his sports career as their lives progress.

What Do We Know about Julie’s Affection for Animals?

Julie and Kirk are avid pet enthusiasts. After adopting Labradoodle Abe as part of their family, Julie and Kirk became passionate dog enthusiasts who foster numerous dogs of various breeds and sizes to show their commitment to animal welfare as well as love for canine companionship.

How Can Julie and Kirk Contribute to Charitable Activities?

The Julie & Kirk Cousins Foundation exemplifies their joint dedication to philanthropy. Working alongside organizations like Bethany Christian Services, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and International Justice Mission; their charitable works reflect an approach of generous stewardship of resources made available from Kirk’s NFL career.

What Caused Julie and Kirk to Purchase a Golf Course?

Julie and Kirk expanded their entrepreneurial activities in 2022 when they purchased Clearbrook Golf Course in Saugatuck, Michigan. This decision signified their desire to invest in their community while upholding historic landmarks by purchasing this historic landmark golf course.

What Is Julie’s Significance in Commercials?

Julie may not often appear in the spotlight like Kirk does, but she did appear in an advertisement for Sleep Number beds alongside Kirk that showcased their son and dog – drawing attention to Julie as an integral member of their family and connecting her private life with public interest in an impactful yet subtle manner.

What Will Julie’s Move to Atlanta Mean for Her and Her Family?

Kirk announced in March 2024 he would join the Atlanta Falcons, prompting Julie’s family to relocate back home state Georgia where Julie hails from. Julie posted excited updates about this milestone event both nostalgically and enthusiastically on social media about their move – reflecting both sentimentality as well as excitement towards what lay ahead for them all in Atlanta.


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