Kyle Roth What Happened To kyle Roth?

Kyle Marisa Roth was an esteemed TikToker known for her lively social presence on TikTok who recently passed away at 36. Her death drew widespread mourning, prompting numerous condolences from fans and followers as her family announced it via social media posts and tributes from fans worldwide.

A Life Remembered

Jacquie Cohen Roth shared the saddened news of Kyle’s passing via LinkedIn post, remembering her daughter fondly and noting how she touched so many lives – both personally and via her online presence – through love, life, and living fiercely. She acknowledged how Kyle touched many in ways both positive and negative via her presence online and personal connection.

Lindsay Roth revealed Kyle had passed away the previous week through an Instagram post she made public. Lindsay stated their struggle in dealing with such an unexpected loss as well as their efforts in finding ways to honor Kyle’s life and remember all he contributed during his lifetime.

Legacy of Love and Laugher

Lindsay Roth made note of Kyle’s many gifts – such as humor, intelligence, beauty, activism and athleticism – upon learning of her passing, which have not been disclosed publicly. Kyle made friends online through TikTok content creation; therefore she became beloved figure within online communities worldwide.

There Has Been an Outpouring of Support

News of Kyle’s passing prompted an emotional reaction among her fans and followers, many expressing their sorrow while recalling fond memories. Actress Julie Fox spoke for many when she commented on Lindsay Roth’s post by saying they felt as though they knew Kyle despite not meeting in person.

Celebrating Kyle’s Life

Kyle’s family have expressed their sincerest thanks for all the outpouring of love from Kyle’s fans and supporters in their time of mourning. Lindsay Roth has extended an invitation for those who knew or were touched by Kyle to share memories and honor her life by hosting events dedicated to Kyle in memory.


Kyle Marisa Roth’s death serves as an illustration of the power that individuals can have over others – even online. Through humor, intelligence and activism she touched many lives – leaving behind fond memories from those she touched along the way as her family and friends mourn her absence with gratitude for a life lived fiercely as well as strength from those impacted by Kyle’s presence.


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