Luisa Zissman Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, husband, Fee And More!

Luisa Zissman was born June 4, 1987, in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom and began her business journey early on. At sixteen she took on her first real estate agent Saturday job due to funding her passion for horseback riding. Following completion of schooling Luisa briefly joined Electronic Data Systems before realizing it wasn’t right for her; therefore she took an unconventional path by starting up her own ventures instead – setting herself on her journey toward great future successes.

Create A Powerful Business Portfolio Now

Luisa Zissman demonstrated her business acumen through multiple ventures she established. These included baking websites such as Dixie’s Cupcakery (an online bakery and cupcake shop) as well as an eBay electronics business venture she opened later. Luisa even claimed an estimated personal net worth of approximately PS1.5 Million ($2.1 Million USD). Although some doubted this estimate by The Independent newspaper, Luisa claimed an approximate personal net worth as of 2023 estimated by her.

Zissman’s business ventures may have gone undetected had it not been for her participation on “The Apprentice”, where she finished as the runner-up in 2013. This exposure catapulted her into public view and opened doors for additional television appearances such as her notable stint on Celebrity Big Brother (13th season 2014, 4th place finisher) or Reality Bites (4th place) which further cemented her status as an international personality on television.

Personal and Public Image Involved”

Luisa’s personal life has often been at the forefront of public interest alongside her professional endeavors. After initially marrying Oliver Zissman – co-founder of Totally Fitness gym equipment rental business with whom they shared one child together before eventually divorcing in 2014 – Luisa took an exciting new direction in her personal life when she married Irish businessman Andrew Collins later that same year, marking a fresh chapter.

Television Stardom

Luisa has found great comfort in being seen, participating in several magazine photoshoots (such as Zoo Magazine bikini shoot) that show her versatility beyond business and television spheres.


Luisa Zissman’s journey from being an ordinary teenager with weekend jobs to an acclaimed entrepreneur and television personality is one of tremendous ambition, business acumen, and media acumen. Thanks to a varied portfolio and strong presence within entertainment media circles, Luisa continues to inspire both aspiring entrepreneurs as well as reality TV fans with her story of perseverance in pursuit of passion in whatever arena it may manifest itself in her own life.


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