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Mae Planert has made her mark in comedy by becoming well known both within her field, but also for being Mark Normand’s significant other and for becoming an established comedian, writer, podcaster with her unique brand of humor and insight appearing across different platforms – we explore her life, work and their dynamic here!

How did Mae Planert and Mark Normand meet?

Mae Planert and Mark Normand’s meeting rivaled any romantic comedy. After meeting each other at The Stand Comedy Club in New York City while on an initially disappointing date, she found herself transfixed by Mark’s performance on stage instead. At her roommate’s encouragement she decided to reach out via Facebook Messenger; thus igniting an unconventional romance marked by laughter and mutual admiration of each other’s crafts.

What Does Mae Planert Do?

Mae Planert, known for her standup comedy partner Adam Sandler, is herself an accomplished comedian and podcaster in her own right. Hailing from Massachusetts, Mae has conquered Manhattan with her razor sharp wit and cutting humor; crafting material which mocks social norms while drawing out absurdities of everyday life- much to her audience’s delight!

Hosting Podcasts with an Edge

Mae Planert co-hosts two engaging podcasts: “We Were Had” and “Risque Business News.” Her first, the former delves into mysteries and historical conundrums unsolved by investigators – offering candid, non-sweetened analysis; while on “Risque Business News”, Mae explores scandalous and newsworthy events within corporate America alongside Laura Sogar – exploring everything from toxic CEOs to dramatic corporate showdowns for both informational as well as entertainment purposes.

What Makes Mae’s Comedy Unique?

Mae’s comedic genius lies in her unabashed approach and ability to expose and articulate double standards within society. Her performances go beyond simple humor; they serve as commentary about world affairs that’s both informative and hilarious – whether she’s on stage, behind a microphone, writing or making presentations! Mae is beloved among audiences who appreciate humor that provokes thought.

How Does Mae Normand’s Career Supplement His?

Mae and Mark share more than just personal chemistry; their passion for comedy makes them a formidable team. Mark thrives with stand-up specials and appearances while Mae excels with writing and podcasting to offer unique but complementary forms of humor. Their mutual appreciation of one another’s craft only strengthens their bond further as their careers grow alongside each other.

What Can Audiences Expect of Mae Planert in the Future?

As Mae continues her professional endeavors, audiences can anticipate more astute commentary, entertaining podcast episodes and insightful writing from Mae. Staying abreast of societal developments and corporate happenings allows Mae to deliver engaging and thought-provoking material which challenges, entertains and amuses.

Mae Planert’s Impact in Comedy

Mae Planert is an emerging power in comedy. Her ability to combine humor with social commentary allows her to stand out in an industry which continues to change rapidly. Together with Mark Normand, Mae is showing audiences that good comedy comes from anywhere if its driven by authenticity and intelligence – not only as someone they watch onstage but someone to listen to, laugh with, and learn from! As her talent blossoms further she makes herself into someone not simply watch– but someone they listen to, learn from, laugh alongside & remember forever more!


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