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Mark Selby, renowned as the ‘Jester from Leicester,’ stands as a testament to the enduring allure of snooker, illustrating how persistence and talent can sculpt a legacy filled with prestigious titles and financial success. As he faces Luca Brecel in the 2023 World Snooker Championship final at the Crucible Theatre, Selby not only competes for the title but also the chance to significantly augment his career earnings, which have already been impressive. With reports from 2021 estimating his net worth at around £5 million, a figure that has reportedly doubled to £10 million by 2023, Selby’s journey reflects a remarkable synthesis of sport and financial acumen.

Financial Fortunes from Felt.

After turning professional before his 20th birthday, Mark Selby has enjoyed over two decades in professional snooker spanning notable milestones and significant prize winnings. Early reports estimated his net worth as being around PS5 Million but by 2023 this number had doubled, attesting to Selby’s continued success and appeal as an athlete in this sport.

Selby has amassed earnings exceeding PS6 Million from his snooker earnings alone, attesting to his skill at winning at critical moments during Triple Crown events where he has excelled time after time. These sums include major amounts from multiple World Championship titles he holds as well as victories at both Masters and UK Championship tournaments; solidifying Selby’s dominance on the table.

Sponsorship and Beyond the Green Baize

Selby has furthered his financial standing through endorsement deals with prominent brands like BetVictor, ROKiT Phones and Parris Cues that not only enhance his earnings, but also solidify him as a marketable athlete within snooker – where sponsorship plays such an essential role in earnings for players.

Stakes at the 2023 World Championship

Selby stands to earn up to PS500,000 should he clinch his fifth World Snooker Championship title and even as an unlikely second place finisher; at minimum he stands to collect PS200,000 as compensation. Although Selby may not win outright the highest break award (worth PS15,000), his consistent performances has already made this tournament profitable financially for him.

Journey To Success

Selby’s road to stardom as a snooker player was marked by resilience and careful skill development. From practicing in backrooms of clubs until eventually winning world champion titles, his journey was helped along by Alan Perkins who mentored him through personal challenges while equipping him with the determination needed to compete at such heights.

His professional debut came at the 2008 Welsh Open where he upset Ronnie O’Sullivan to claim victory, followed by winning his inaugural Masters title that year and then multiple world championships from 2014 until 2018, earning a PS300,000 prize against O’Sullivan each time – all within just over two years!

Personal and Community Contributions.

Off the table, Selby enjoys an active personal and communal life. A passionate supporter of Leicester City FC football club, his victories often coincided with key moments for them as celebrations grew even bigger. Married to Vikki Layton (an Irish pool player herself) and blessed with daughter Evie-Mai Selby values his family life greatly and considers her one of his key assets for both stability and success.

Selby has shown his dedication to developing future talent with his Leicester Snooker Academy, training young aspirants looking to replicate his success. For his efforts in both sport and charity work – recognized with being awarded with an MBE award.


Mark Selby has made history throughout his storied snooker career with success, resilience and significant financial accomplishments in snooker. While still competing at high levels of competition, Selby continues to inspire a new generation of players while cementing himself as one of its all-time greats. Every tournament he competes in not only seeks to extend his own record further but also strengthen the fabric of sport which he has so long dominated.


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