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Monson Mavunkal quickly rose to become one of Kerala’s most prominent figures after his arrest for fraud totalling Rs 10 crore, garnering public interest due to his high-profile connections and claims of owning rare antiques. This case attracted considerable media coverage due to Monson’s claims and allegations regarding these rare artefacts.

What Led to Monson’s Arrest?

On September 26th, Monson was arrested from his Alappuzha residence by Kerala Crime Branch after multiple complaints had been lodged against him. Allegedly posing as an antique and diamond merchant to scam millions from unsuspecting customers with promises of high returns in investments that were constrained by financial regulations, Monson is believed to have exploited several potential victims through various schemes he used as bait to deceive investors into parting ways with millions.

What Are Our Reported Claims About Monson’s Antique Collections?

Monson claimed his Kochi home, converted into a museum, contained an eclectic assortment of purported antiques ranging from biblical artifacts (coins belonging to Judas), religious and historical items to coins bearing his face – though their authenticity remains highly questionable, creating further suspicion of Monson’s claims.

How Did Monson Gain Credibility?

Monson was given added credibility by frequent visits from VIPs such as high-ranking police officials and celebrities; these visits served to demonstrate his legitimacy to potential investors; further, Monson portrayed himself as both philanthropist and scholar by being awarded honorary degrees – further adding mystique.

What Are Monson’s Allegations Against Him?

Monson stands accused of not only mislending investors but also of falsifying his credentials to secure trust from victims. According to allegations against him, Monson falsely claimed ties with global peace organizations as well as meeting political figures to secure them with confidence in him as their source. Additionally, deception included elaborate tales about fighting legal battles over frozen assets to justify borrowing large sums of money at one time.

How Have Authorities Responded to Monson’s Activities?

Local police were providing protection to Monson’s residence – also used as a museum – which attests to his strong connections within state institutions. But following his arrest, there has been an apparent effort among his high-profile acquaintances and peers to distance themselves from him and dissociate themselves as much as possible from any affiliation with him.

What Impact Has Monson’s Case Had on Victims and Society at Large?

Monson’s case has left many investors distraught; including prominent figures who trusted him with large sums. Furthermore, due to Monson’s bold claims and subsequent revelations, this public spectacle prompted widespread discussion regarding oversight for such high-stake antique transactions as well as whether fraudulent activities can hide behind social connections and remain undetected.

What Is the Current State of Our Investigation?

Crime Branch investigators continue their examination of Monson Mavunkal’s activities, investigating his claimed antiques and financial deceits as the investigation proceeds. Monson’s arrest has also encouraged others to come forward with allegations such as harassment or threats made against him which paint an even darker picture of how and what his operations entailed.

Monson Mavunkal’s case stands as an alarming reminder of the hidden complexities and hazards present in antiques and high-value collectibles markets, underscoring the need for increased due diligence measures as a safeguard against large scale deceits that exploit people’s trust with history and heritage.


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