Murali Vijay Wife, Age, Kids, Personal Life & More

Murali Vijay was born April 1st 1984 and became one of the finest Test cricketers during his 61-Test run for India between 2005-2023, amassing 3,982 runs including 12 centuries en route. Before officially retiring in January 2023.

What Affected Murali Vijay’s Retirement Decision?

Vijay decided to retire due to a steady deterioration of his form that eventually saw him drop from India’s Test squad and eventually outright excluded from international selections. While Vijay enjoyed earlier successes – such as memorable innings played both domestically and abroad – in later seasons there were far fewer selections made of him for national team selection. With his announcement of retirement this marked an end of an important chapter for Indian cricket where Vijay had long been featured.

Who Is Murali Vijay’s Spouse?

Murali Vijay gained wide media coverage after marrying Nikita Vijay – previously married to Dinesh Karthik, another notable cricketer and Vijay’s former teammate – whose marriage ended. As an entrepreneur herself, she has since embarked on her own professional path, independently making an impressionful mark within business circles.

What Does Nikita Vijay Do for a Living?

Nikita Vijay has made her mark as an entrepreneur with great success. In 2020, she co-founded Tattva-The Studio with interior designer Ram Krish and launched it with an aim of offering an enjoyable wellness experience for customers. Additionally, Nikita owns Label Eva Clothing Company that caters exclusively for young girls aged two through eight – showing that style meets wellness seamlessly in her business endeavors.

How Did Murali Vijay and Nikita First Meet?

Murali Vijay and Nikita had an unlikely storybook romance when their lives intertwined during the 2012 IPL tournament, meeting each other due to Nikita’s previous marriage with Dinesh Karthik – whom Vijay played alongside on Tamil Nadu state team cricket team – having recently divorced. Meeting during such an important cricket event only compounded their difficulties when considering shared professional networks between themselves as a couple.

When did Murali Vijay Get Married?

Murali Vijay and Nikita wed in 2012 shortly after Nikita filed for divorce from Dinesh Karthik. Their wedding ceremony took place privately to avoid public and media scrutiny about their relationship; since then they have managed to steer away from public scrutiny of their family life while remaining focused on personal and professional advancement.

How Many Children Does Murali Vijay and Nikita Have?

Murali Vijay and Nikita Vijay have three children together: Naveen (son), Aarav (son) and Eva (daughter). Because Murali and Nikita prioritize privacy over media attention for their offspring, little information regarding them has become public knowledge outside their names; instead their priority lies with providing normal upbringings free from media scrutiny.

What lies ahead for Murali Vijay and His Family?

Following his retirement from international cricket, Murali Vijay now has more time for family and to pursue new ventures – possibly within cricket in some other capacity – while Nikita continues to expand her businesses Tattva-The Studio and Label Eva, respectively. Together they plan their post-cricket lives with resilience and privacy similar to how they’ve responded in previous situations.

Murali Vijay and Nikita’s lives combine sports with business; each taking his/her own path post-cricket with determination and discretion. Their journey exemplifies gracefully navigating personal and professional challenges while remaining true to family ties and future endeavors.


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