Poppy Harlow Net Worth, Height, Age, Bio, Birthday, Wiki, And More!

Poppy Harlow, an esteemed American journalist with a net worth of $8 Million and notable contributions in journalism has amassed significant wealth through her years-long career in television journalism. Best known as a host on CNN’s “CNN This Morning”, Harlow’s journey from determined intern to television personality highlights her dedication and skill as an journalist.

Early Life and Education.

Born Katharine Julia Harlow on May 2, 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and known affectionately by family as Poppy throughout her early life. Following the untimely passing of her attorney father at 15 when attending The Blake School she undertook rigorous academic pursuits; graduating with high honors from both Blake School and Columbia University with majors in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies respectively.

Career Starting and Progress.

Harlow began her journalistic journey as an intern at CBS during college years. Following graduation, she transitioned into full-time roles at CBS MarketWatch and CBS Newspath as assistant producers, before landing an anchor and reporter position at NY1 News Local Edition for coverage on Staten Island and New Jersey issues.

Harlow first joined Forbes.com Video Network as a fashion reporter, later expanding her coverage to encompass entertainment and business as a reporter for CNNMoney.com anchor before eventually transitioning into her reporting roles on CNN International/HLN networks. In 2007, Harlow made headlines when CNN noticed her expertise and charisma on-screen; they invited her onto their network as CNNMoney anchor as well as to report for CNN itself later that same year as an anchor/reporter/anchorperson!

Accomplishments and Awards Received

Harlow has made her mark not just reporting but shaping it through investigative work as well. For this, her dedication was acknowledged with two awards from SABEW: Best Online Investigative Program or Feature and SABEW Best in Business respectively. Unfortunately, this journey hasn’t always been free from controversy: Harlow received significant backlash after reporting on Steubenville Rape Case which attracted widespread scrutiny due to perceived sympathy towards its accused; an online petition with over 250,000 signatures ensued from this incident alone!

Stepping Up into Leadership.

Harlow took an important step forward in her career when she took over Carol Costello as co-anchors of “CNN Newsroom”. They took over from Carol Costello in 2017; later that same year they expanded Harlow’s role by co-anchoring “CNN This Morning”, alongside Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins to provide fresh perspectives to viewers waking up early each day.

Personal Life and Continuing Education

Off the air, Harlow leads an enjoyable personal life. She and Sinisa Babcic share two children. Even as she made a name for herself in journalism, Harlow decided to return to academia by enrolling in Yale Law School’s Master of Studies in Law program; which she completed successfully in 2022. Harlow’s dedication to lifelong learning and personal growth can be seen both through journalism as well as personal pursuits such as this masterful venture.

Legacy and Impact

Poppy Harlow stands as an icon in journalism. Her ability to navigate complex stories with integrity and depth have won her the respect of peers as well as viewers alike, leading her to host CNN This Morning where her influence extends well beyond reporting; shaping public dialogue while raising key issues into national consciousness. Her legacy and impact extend far beyond her reporting skills alone.


Poppy Harlow’s career exemplifies how perseverance, intelligence and integrity can shape journalism. From her early days at CBS to her current position at CNN and beyond, Harlow remains committed to reporting news with accuracy and fairness – contributions which will continue to shape journalism for decades to come.


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