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In the bustling world of culinary creations, the joy of cooking often comes hand in hand with the chaos of cluttered countertops and disorganized ingredients. For Alexander Eburne, a serial entrepreneur hailing from Sydney, Australia, this chaos hit home in a profound way. Yet, out of this cluttered kitchen chaos emerged a revolutionary solution – Prepdeck, the complete meal prep system designed to bring order to the culinary chaos.

A Journey of Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Before delving deeper into Prepdeck’s origins, it’s imperative that one understand the journey taken by its visionary founder Alexander Eburne. Eburne had various entrepreneurial ventures throughout Australia before landing Los Angeles where he served as CEO for Harbor Outdoor before eventually founding Zealous Works himself and eventually Prepdeck itself. Eburne set the bar high when his entrepreneurial spark set into motion his future endeavors – from founding Zealous Works himself early in life through to later on at Harbor Outdoor where his entrepreneurial fervor lit brightly throughout his professional experience as CEO at Harbor Outdoor as his entrepreneurial endeavors had ignited and set him on course towards future ventures.

The Spark of Innovation: Birth of Prepdeck

Prepdeck was birthed from Eburne and Christine’s marriage; as Eburne struggled with managing his culinary efforts in an overcrowded kitchen after each new venture was undertaken; Christine became increasingly disgruntled navigating this mess as their pregnancy approached; this realization spurred Eburne on to create Prepdeck, revolutionizing meal preparation and organization tools in one streamlined device.

From Concept to Creation: Crowdfunding Success

Eburne set out on his journey from concept to creation: crowdfunding success
Armed with an idea in his head and determined to bring Prepdeck into being, Eburne embarked upon his crowdfunding adventure on IndieGoGo in early 2018 hoping to raise $25,000. However, response far surpassed all expectations; his campaign eventually raised nearly $360,000, underscoring Eburne’s innovative solution to kitchen clutter’s wide appeal.

Shark Tank Sojourn: A Tale of Valuation and Vision

Eburne saw Prepdeck as his key to success and decided to pitch it on Shark Tank in 2021, seeking $750,000 for 7.5% equity stake and impressing them with its sales figures and entrepreneurial acumen. While they lauded Eburne’s accomplishments, ultimately balking at his valuation; nonetheless he managed to remain committed to his vision, garnering accolade from Sharks as they acknowledged this strength of character and persistence in sticking by it despite initial rejection by Sharks.

Post-Shark Tank Prosperity: Scaling New Heights

Eburne and Prepdeck quickly flourished following their Shark Tank appearance, expanding product lines while adhering to innovation efforts that broadened reach to new markets – evidenced by stellar reviews for Prepdeck Gen 2, customer service became top-of-mind and revenue skyrocketed! With exponential revenue figures and growth achieved both domestically and abroad

Charting a Course for the Future

As Prepdeck looks towards its future, Eburne sees expansion as both promising and possible. His vision includes global growth as Prepdeck expands globally through Canada, Europe and Australia for expansion purposes. Fueled by successful fundraising on weFunder and ambitious revenue projections for growth, Prepdeck appears destined to become a culinary cornerstone while revolutionizing meal prep for home chefs everywhere!


Prepdeck: An Example of Entrepreneurial Vision and Ingenuity Within culinary innovation, Prepdeck stands as an inspiring testament to entrepreneurial vision and ingenuity. From its modest beginnings to its meteoric rise, Alexander Eburne’s journey exemplified how one idea transformed lives – this fact only becomes increasingly clear as Prepdeck carves its place within culinary landscape and continues to carve itself a place for itself in food innovation sphere. When chaos meets creativity in cooking there can only ever result magic;


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