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Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda have become well-known actors within Indian film. Pulkit, best known for his roles in Fukrey and Sanam Re has gained widespread fame within Bollywood; while Kriti Kharbanda made waves through her roles in various South Indian and Hindi movies such as Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana and Housefull 4*. Together they have not only become household names within cinema but have also intersected romantically through their careers!

What Makes Pulkit and Kriti’s Relationship Stand Out?

After four years of dating, Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda decided to take their relationship one step further by celebrating it through an Indian tradition known as roka ceremony – marking formal engagement prior to marriage – attended by close family and friends and marked as formal. Photos taken during this intimate affair show the couple shining with happiness surrounded by loved ones – something fans are finding heartwarming on social media!

Who Was Pulkit Samrat Married To Previously?

Before his marriage to Kriti Kharbanda, Pulkit Samrat was married to Shweta Rohira for just one year after they tied the knot in 2014. While Shweta, an accomplished journalist and actor-aspiring journalist from childhood knew Pulkit well enough for them to share an intense bond as friends before venturing into a marital union that soon soured with much media speculation surrounding why they parted ways shortly thereafter in 2014. Their union was apparently short-lived as soon after their separation due to media reports regarding potential reasons.

What Are the Reasons Behind Pulkit and Shweta’s Divorce?

Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira’s marriage came under public scrutiny when Shweta accused actress Yami Gautam, with whom Pulkit had worked in films Sanam Re and Junooniyat, as being responsible for its breakdown. Rumors began swirling shortly thereafter about them having an intimate connection that began just around when his marital troubles surfaced; both actors denied such allegations while maintaining that any relationship they may have was strictly professional despite this scandalous accusation adding another public scandalous layer to personal difficulties experienced at that time by Pulkit himself and Shweta Rohira had endured at that moment in time by adding public intrigue into personal difficulties that Pulkit himself had experienced first hand.

What Are Shweta Rohira’s Career Aims and Objectives?

Shweta Rohira recently made her acting debut with an appearance in Parineeti, marking an exciting step in her professional journey beyond journalism. Shweta’s debut in entertainment industry symbolizes her aspirations and desire to establish herself independently from former affiliations.

How Are Pulkit and Kriti Managed Their Public Image?

Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda have taken great care in managing their public image during their relationship, striking an appropriate balance between openness and privacy. Although they’ve shared glimpses of life together with fans through public appearances such as Red Carpet events like their engagement photo ops or Rika ceremonies; significant moments such as wedding ceremonies remain intimate and private – helping keep fans attracted while remaining professional at all times. Their approach ensures they continue enjoying both professional success as well as personal happiness – further endearing themselves to fans through professional achievements both professional as well as personal happiness – helping keep fans loyal by showing both aspects.

What Does Pulkit and Kriti Have Ahead of Them?

As Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda enter this new phase of their relationship together, they remain busy professionally; with several projects scheduled in the foreseeable future and fans anticipating performances as well as updates about their life together – with their engagement now official, both individuals look forward to an amazing journey ahead!

Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda’s relationship journey is both personal and public in its nature, from dating through their recent roka ceremony, which captured public imagination. Even after experiencing challenges during Pulkit’s previous marriage, both are moving forward together with hope, setting an example for resilience and companionship as they prepare to marry on November 18th 2018. As this couple symbolizes hopefulness for a bright new beginning together as their wedding preparations advance.


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