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Rick Hopper’s entrepreneurial journey epitomizes the American dream. From humble roots in Anaheim, California – starting without formal education but unhindered by it – to creating groundbreaking inventions like windsails for skateboards early on; his spirit would go on to define his career path from being department supervisor at Home Depot to groundbreaking inventor and business owner.

From TrimQuick to ReadeREST

Rick Hopper took an important step in his professional journey when he transitioned from Home Depot to launch TrimQuick, a vinyl trim provider for window companies. Thanks to his exceptional business acumen and knack for innovation, TrimQuick was successful sold off successfully – providing seed money for Rick to develop ReadeREST as an easy yet effective solution to an eyeglasses continually falling off problem.

The Inception of ReadeREST

Hopper first had the concept for ReadeREST at age 40 when he found himself constantly struggling to secure his reading glasses within his shirt collar without them falling out again and again. Hopper’s initial prototype, made out of bent paperclip with magnet attached quickly became popular among his acquaintances; realizing its commercial viability, Hopper utilised his entrepreneurial acumen and launched ReadeREST officially in 2011. Soon thereafter, ReadeREST showed signs of rapid success by earning $65,000 after its test launch and signaled promising prospects going forward!

The Shark Tank Effect

Rick Hopper’s appearance on Shark Tank during its third season marked a crucial turning point for ReadeREST. After making an unorthodox entrance that saw him stumble onto the stage, Hopper won over all five Sharks with his charismatic pitch and product utility – initially met with some initial doubt from Lori Greiner but ultimately accepted her offer of $150,000 for 65% equity stake which began a fruitful partnership relationship between Lori Greiner and Hopper that is still going strong today.

Post-Shark Tank Success: Expansion and Growth

ReadeREST saw phenomenal growth under Lori Greiner’s guidance, quickly selling out on QVC within five minutes – underscoring its market appeal and marking a transition from garage-based project to major player in retail with distribution deals with Walmart, Ace Hardware and Bed Bath & Beyond among many others. Expanding to online platforms like Amazon furthered visibility and revenue; eventually reaching over $5 Million per annum.

Current Status and Future Outlook

ReadeREST stands as a testament to American innovation and the power of finding simple solutions to common issues. Now valued at approximately $5 Million, ReadeREST has expanded their product offering with eyeglass holders that further establish market presence. Rick Hopper’s journey from tinkerer to successful entrepreneur continues to inspire many and show how innovative thinking, hard work, and partnerships with like-minded partners can transform small ideas into substantial enterprises.


Rick Hopper’s ReadeREST not only solved an everyday problem but also established an entirely new market of eyewear accessories – serving as an inspiring example of innovative thinking in business and showing its power to generate success. Now flourishing and expanding globally, ReadeREST stands as an inspirational testament that simple solutions can lead to business triumph – giving hope and inspiration for would-be entrepreneurs everywhere that any obstacle can become an opportunity with creativity and perseverance.


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