Rey Mysterio Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Fee And More!

Rey Mysterio, born Oscar Gutierrez in Chula Vista, California on December 11th 1974 is an iconic professional wrestler best known for his high-flying acrobatics and unique lucha libre style of wrestling. Mysterio has enjoyed great success throughout his career and can count himself among one of the greatest influencers ever in professional wrestling history.

Early Life and Wrestling Beginnings

Oscar Mysterio’s journey into professional wrestling started young, having come from an extensive wrestling family background. Trained by his uncle Rey Mysterio (another Rey Mysterio), who wrestled under that moniker himself, and beginning wrestling professionally by 14 he quickly made himself standout performer through Lucha Libre-style matches in Mexico. His natural talent for Lucha Libre quickly set him apart as an impressive performer.

Rise to Prominence in WCW

Mysterio’s career took flight when he joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1996, quickly making an impression with their innovative wrestling style and amazing aerial maneuvers that led him to winning both titles – the WCW Cruiserweight Championship five times, as well as three World Tag Team Championship titles – during that year alone! His impactful reign helped establish cruiserweight wrestling within United States audiences.

Success in WWE and Return

Mysterio signed with WWE in 2002 and quickly made his mark there, winning several championships including the World Heavyweight Title. Highlights from Mysterio’s WWE career were his bouts against Eddie Guerrero and teaming with Sin Cara; Mysterio later left WWE in 2015 but returned victoriously as recently as 2018 much to fans’ delight worldwide!

Conflict and Challenges Are Unforeseen

Mysterio’s career has not been without controversy or struggle. In 2007, WWE suspended him for 30 days due to allegations of using steroids and HGH; Mysterio maintained he had obtained these medications legally from licensed doctors; yet in 2012 faced another suspension, raising questions over adherence with WWE wellness policy.

One of Mysterio’s most tragic incidents occurred during a match in Mexico in 2015 when his dropkick caused Perro Aguayo Jr.’s death – sending shockwaves through the wrestling community and sparking reflection within industry circles.

Personal Life and Real Estate

Mysterio is known among fans for his devotion to his family life outside of wrestling – his wife Angie and children are Roman Catholic, and Mysterio’s love and dedication towards them are well known among fans.

Mysterio resides in Chula Vista, California with a home valued at roughly $1 Million, boasting five bedrooms and featuring an aquarium full of tropical fish species he collects as part of his hobby collection. Additionally, Mysterio’s interests outside wrestling also extend into collecting swords, blades and action figures which show his varied interests beyond wrestling

Legacy and Impact

Rey Mysterio has had an indelible mark on professional wrestling for more than 25 years; his revolutionary techniques and charismatic persona have inspired generations of wrestlers worldwide, while his ability to connect with audiences everywhere makes him beloved within the community. Rey Mysterio will forever remain one of the great wrestlers ever. His legacy lives on as his performances remain evergreen.


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