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Ryan Smith is an American businessman known for his dynamic entrepreneurialism. After starting off his academic journey at Brigham Young University (BYU), Smith made the bold decision to leave to co-found Qualtrics; thus marking what would eventually become a multibillion-dollar enterprise. Working alongside his brother and father in online surveys quickly revolutionised data collection and analysis processes.

After successfully building Qualtrics into one of the top entities in its industry, Smith returned to BYU to complete his degree, showing his continued dedication to education despite all his business successes.

Qualtrics : An Silicon Slopes Success Story

Ryan Smith led Qualtrics into becoming one of the premier providers of innovative survey software worldwide, becoming an international brand recognized for providing enterprise service providers. Under his direction, its growth saw its highest point when acquired by European software titan SAP for an astounding $8 billion purchase price in 2018–Smith continuing as CEO even after this massive transaction ensured the company maintained its pioneering culture while expanding new heights of success.

Expand Your Horizons in Sports

Ryan Smith expanded his portfolio into professional sports in 2020 when he ventured into professional basketball by purchasing majority control of Utah Jazz for $1.66 billion from Gail Miller and her family, who had overseen its management since 1985. They confidently passed over control to him with full trust for what could become of this team of his lifelong passion; an expansion made all the more poignant because Smith first witnessed its playback as a child himself! This acquisition wasn’t simply business related either – Smith had followed them since childhood!

Integrating Business With Passion

Smith is known for incorporating his passion for basketball into both his personal and professional lives, installing two courts – one in his basement and another at Qualtrics headquarters in Provo, Utah – that foster a culture of wellness and teamwork. Playing each morning before work he leverages basketball as both leadership and stress relief tool.

Smith is known to use basketball not just to stay fit; before becoming owner of the Jazz, he collaborated with them in raising $25 million for cancer research – further evidence of his commitment to using his interests for charitable causes.

Recognition and Influence

Ryan Smith earned recognition on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 List for his contributions to technology and his innovative approach to business management, earning him a spot. This achievement acknowledges his role in changing how organizations handle customer data and understand customer insights.

Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Smith is deeply committed to giving back and community service beyond his business pursuits, through Qualtrics and Utah Jazz initiatives as well as his personal cancer research funding initiative that brings his personal experiences together with professional resources for positive impactful causes.

Looking to the Future

As Ryan Smith continues his endeavors as both an IT leader and sports team owner, his primary objectives remain innovation, community building and growth. From expanding Qualtrics capabilities in tech to elevating Utah Jazz to new levels – his focus remains centered on integration and improvement that drives every decision he makes.

Ryan Smith has made waves within various industries with his strategic leadership and pragmatic business approach, not only transforming industries but also leaving lasting impacts that go far beyond boardroom or basketball court discussions. His rise from college dropout to multibillionaire entrepreneur stands as proof of visionary dedication and relentless determination towards one’s passions.


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