Santoor Mom Viral Video, Who Is Santoor Mom?

Rachna, famously known as Santoor Mom, has captured the attention of the digital world with her vibrant social media presence and stunning youthful appearance. At approximately 36 years old, this Delhi-born influencer, model, and YouTuber, broke into the limelight through her engaging content that often features her son. Her nickname “Santoor Mumma” alludes to her timeless beauty and is a nod to the Indian musical instrument known for its melodious tunes, which metaphorically represent her aesthetic allure.

What Sparked Rachna’s Viral Popularity?

Rachna’s rise to fame can be largely attributed to her unique content that portrays her close bond with her twin children, Rudra and Riddi. Despite starting her career on TikTok, Rachna transitioned to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram following TikTok’s ban in India. A particular video featuring her son, which showcased their strong familial bond, went viral but also brought about some controversies as some viewers misinterpreted their relationship, prompting Rachna to clarify their mother-son dynamic publicly.

How Does Rachna Address the Challenges of Social Media Criticism?

Navigating the rough waters of social media fame, Rachna has faced her share of criticism, particularly regarding the nature of her videos with her son. She has addressed these challenges head-on by emphasizing her role as a nurturing mother, thereby dispelling any misconceptions about their interactions. Her response to criticism demonstrates her resilience and commitment to maintaining her public persona as a positive and inspirational figure.

What Are the Key Elements of Rachna’s Career and Personal Brand?

Rachna’s career trajectory took a significant turn post-TikTok, leading her to embrace other social media platforms to continue her passion for content creation. She leverages her background in modeling to collaborate with various clothing and beauty brands, enhancing her visibility and influence. Her personal brand is built on the pillars of beauty, fitness, and motherhood, with each aspect resonating strongly with her audience.

How Does Rachna Promote Fitness and Well-being?

An ardent fitness enthusiast, Rachna dedicates substantial time to maintaining her physical health, which is evident from her well-toned physique. Her fitness regime includes regular gym sessions, which she sometimes shares with her followers to inspire them towards a healthier lifestyle. This commitment to fitness not only contributes to her physical appeal but also aligns with her brand as a beacon of health and vitality.

What Makes Rachna’s Bond with Her Children Special?

Rachna’s parenting style is a central theme in her content. Her interaction with her twins is not only heartwarming but also serves as an inspiration to her followers. She portrays a modern approach to motherhood, focusing on openness and friendship, which strengthens her relationship with her children and sets a positive example for her audience.

How Significant is Rachna’s Influence on Social Media?

With over 446,000 followers on Instagram and more than 20,000 subscribers on YouTube, Rachna’s influence is undeniable. Her ability to connect with a diverse audience through her genuine content and relatable personality makes her a prominent social media figure. Her platform serves as a testament to her success in building a community around her lifestyle and values.


Rachna, or Santoor Mom as she is affectionately known, continues to inspire and engage a broad audience through her content centered around family, beauty, and health. Her journey from a young mother in Delhi to a social media sensation encapsulates the power of resilience and adaptability in the digital age. Her story is not just about viral videos but about the impact of authenticity and positivity in the vast world of social media.


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