Xbox How To Share Games? Get More Info

Gaming in today’s digital era is increasingly an interactive shared experience that connects gamers from across the world. Xbox has further amplified this feeling through their game sharing feature, enabling gamers to easily share their entire library with family or friends. This guide explores how Xbox Game Sharing works – how it sets up on current generation consoles as well as sharing an Xbox Game Pass subscription across devices.

How to Establish Game Sharing on Xbox Consoles

Game sharing on Xbox is an invaluable feature that provides gamers a way to expand their library without incurring additional expenses. Here is an in-depth tutorial for setting up game sharing on both an Xbox One and Series X|S console.

Establish Your Xbox

  1. * Start Your Console*: Power on and sign in to your Microsoft account on Xbox Live.
  2. ** Navigate To Add New Account**: Press Xbox button, move left side menu until reaching left menu item then choose ‘Add New’.
  3. Enter Your Friend’s Login Details: Type the login credentials of the person with whom you wish to share games, then confirm by pressing ‘A’.
  4. [Complete Setup**: Follow on-screen instructions in order to configure settings and preferences of a newly added account.

Assigning Home Xbox

  1. Access Settings: Pressing the Xbox button again takes you into ‘Settings’, followed by Personalization and choosing My home Xbox from Personalization options.
  2. To Make This My Home Xbox: Select ‘Make This My Home Xbox” in Personalization to assign this console as its primary system for any new accounts you create on it.
  3. Repeat on Friend’s Xbox: Follow these same steps on another console belonging to one of your friends using your account details as described here to make their device your home Xbox.

By doing this, both you and your friend will gain access to each other’s game libraries and can enjoy each others games even when neither are online.

Sharing Xbox Game Pass on PC

Due to how it interacts with Microsoft Store and Xbox App, expanding Xbox Game Pass onto a PC involves several distinct steps.

Link your Xbox Game Pass and PC

  1. Connect to Microsoft Store**: Once on PC, launch Microsoft Store and log in using an Xbox Game Pass account which has an active subscription.
  2. Launch and Sign Into Xbox App**: Download and launch Xbox app from Microsoft Store before signing into it with secondary account you wish to share Game Pass with.
  3. Change Store Account**: Within the Xbox app, navigate to Accounts under Settings, select ‘Change My Microsoft Store Account”, and log into this process with your primary Game Pass account.

This arrangement permits your secondary account to take advantage of all the features of Xbox Game Pass on PC, including downloading and playing games from its library.

Limitations of Xbox Game Sharing

Gaming sharing on Xbox is an incredibly useful feature; however, there are certain restrictions you should keep in mind before doing it:

  • Two-Console Limit: Xbox game sharing can only be activated between two consoles at any one time. If you wish to share your library with a different friend, you must first stop sharing with the original friend.
  • Dependency on Internet: For game sharing to work seamlessly, a stable internet connection is required, especially during the initial setup and when accessing shared games.
  • Access to Primary Benefits: Only the primary account holder receives some of the Xbox services, like certain discounts from the Xbox store, which are not transferred through game sharing.

Conclusion: Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Xbox game sharing can be an ideal way to increase the enjoyment and experience of gaming without incurring additional expense. By following the step-by-step guide provided here, players can share access to their entire library or extend Xbox Game Pass onto PC, further expanding your setup’s value and increasing enjoyment! By doing this, they’re also sure that no one misses out on all that Xbox has to offer!


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